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Kanoria Foundation


Kanoria Foundation is a trust entity founded by the Kanoria family, headquartered in Kolkata, India. The Kanoria family has been in business for over two centuries, performing their karma (work) with devotion imbued with spirituality and creating institutions which would last for centuries serving humanity. Its ethos is captured in its brandline 'Work With Devotion'. It reflects the constant churning of ideas and hard work, which are essential to succeed and the passion necessary to implement them with a focus on results. True to its legacy, Kanoria Foundation is dedicated towards society's development by creating business enterprises with long-term and sustainable objectives. Its operational philosophy is based on strong foundation of morals, values and culture. Concurrent with business activities are several social initiatives and CSR activities.


Kanoria Foundation, deeply inspired by Hindu philosophy, has drawn its insignia from the philosophy and as depicted through its scriptures. Also known as Sanatana Dharma, i.e. Eternal Duty, the philosophy is secular in its thinking, elucidating that human beings need to follow the principles of Dharma (Duty) and Karma (Work) to make their lives fruitful. Kanoria Foundation is committed to the above two principles and has adopted its insignia to reflect the philosophy encapsulated in Samudramanthan - A powerful parable depicting the churning of the Cosmic Ocean, signifying the churning of thoughts.


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Srihari Global School

Srihari Global School is promoted by Kanoria Foundation with the aim of extending world class education across India.....

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Shristi Nagar, Near Central Excise Office,
Sen Raleigh Road, Asansol - 713305 (W. B.)

Tel : (0341) 2251 818 / 77 9768 3332

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