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School Prayer

O God! Thou art our Father Mother Friend,
We, thy children, love thee and our parents.
Thou art in our hearts and minds,
And make us fearless.

Thou art in Temple, Church, Mosque, everywhere
Thou art in Vedas, Bible, Koran, Gurugranth, all scriptures,
O God! Thou infinite's reflection in all living beings,
Love reflects as love

Thou art alone the truth.
In motherly way thou forbear us,
Life is a joyous journey,
Love and service that matter, all worship to Thee.

Joy, sorrow, censure, fame,
We bear all equally with thy blessed strength.
What we sow, we must reap,
No one but us to blame.

We have Eternal faith in the self in all,
O God! Grant us a mutual intimacy with Thee,
Bless us with love, wisdom, intellect, virtues,
Lead us through paths of trouble to perfection.

Thou art our Master, Thou art our soul's real friend,
Guide us in our daily activities and lead us,
Fearless, we are marching ahead to make Bharat- World
O God! never turn away from us, thy children.

We surrender our will at the altar of Thy will.
We love Thee, Thou love us
Thou love our complete surrender.
We aspire for work, knowledge and devotion

Work, work, for the world.
Love, love, love and bring Peace, peace and peace
Om, Amen, Amin, EkOnkar, Ahura Mazda
God, God, God.

- Dr. H. P. Kanoria


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