• HPK

About Chairman

A dynamic man of great talents and a highly accomplished individual, Mr. Hari Prasad Kanoria’s profile and persona is a source of great inspiration to many who know him. Not only is he the chairman of SREI Foundation, he is also the Director of Advinia Health Care (P) Ltd. Since his knowledge and understanding of commerce and business is so deep and well honed, he is the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of a global fortnightly magazine, Business Economics as well the Chairman of IISD- Institute for Inspiration and Self Development, a center for BBA, BCA, MBA and language courses amongst others.

‘Humanity’ according to Mr. Kanoria is in fact a unifying factor for all of us, not a divisive force. Therefore, he believes that no aspect of human existence such as religion, race, colour, gender or age can be shown or given special preference/status/treatment and we must work towards a world where there is equal opportunity for all, and most importantly, freedom not enslaved to an institution, culture, country or even an individual. His efforts for the overall welfare of humanity and peace have been so colossal and impressive that he has received the prestigious ‘Rashtriya Ekta Puraskar’ for national unity and communal harmony form the Committee for National Integration. He has also received the ‘Millennium Award’ from Dadabhai Naoroji International Society and the ‘Outstanding Humanitarian Services Award’ from the Zoroastrian College, Mumbai. Not surprisingly, he is also ‘Shantidoot- an Ambassador of Peace,’ awarded by World Peace Movement Trust. In 2015, he was honoured as the Global Man of the Year at the 3rd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) He gives particular importance and emphasis on the upliftment of women and the necessity to conserve, preserve and protect our environment. Due to his vast experience and expertise in the arena of social welfare, he has also recently been elected as the President of the All India Marwari Federation, established in 1935 and as the Vice President of West Bengal Federation of the United Nations. But one of the most important recognition remains conferring on him the honorary Doctorate of Literature (Honoris Causa) by All India Shah Behram Baug Society, Mumbai for his contribution towards the universal benefit of humanity.

Mr. Kanoria believes that ‘spirituality’ is one of the fundamental aspects of every person, in that, he asserts that an individual’s confidence, knowledge and work is driven and shaped by it. A well read man and highly knowledgeable in this area, he draws his inspiration from the teachings of Ramakrishna Pramahansa, Swami Vivekananda and many other spiritual leaders of our world. He is a man motivated by the very thought of service to society and so not surprisingly, he is the Chairman of ‘World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality – Enlightenment a Journey through Service,’ a society whose annual conferences have been graced by many luminaries from difference communities, religions and countries across the globe.

Not only are his efforts and accomplishments are recognized and awarded, he in fact is a visionary whose contributions to the society and nation at large as a socio-economic activist and philanthropist made him an obvious choice for being a core member in the delegation led by our former honorable Prime Minister, Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee to China and was an important member of many business delegations to Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, UK and USA. So well recognized is his dynamism that he held many a state assignments and was formerly, Director of United Bank of India, Director of West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, Govt. of West Bengal.

Mr. Kanoria’s recent venture into the education sector is a noble one. He believes, ‘Knowledge gives you the power to change.’ But with knowledge comes responsibility and hence it is important for us to educate the mind and heart together, for the moral compass in an individual must be strong and secure. It is because of his thoughts, good will and experience; he is at once a humbling and an inspiring influence on all his colleagues and co workers.